There is a risk for the defence of our territorial waters, stated the Counter Admiral Mitko Petev

SOFIA (Bulgaria), December 21, Author Boyko Nikolov (Bm), Photo:

“The termination of the project leads to an increase of the risk for the defence of the adjacent and exclusive economic zone of Bulgaria,” stated the Counter Admiral Mitko Petev, quoted by BTA. He explained that our country has not an allied guarantee for 85% of its sea spaces, and partners can help only in cases of trespassing of our territorial waters. “The society did not even understand what it means a Bulgarian company to be the leader in the execution of such a programme,” added the Counter Admiral.

This statement comes a day after MTG Dolphin Shipyard – Varna, Bulgaria, declined to sign the foreseen for the end of the year agreement for building of two multifunctional patrol boats. The total project value was BGN 820 million, and the company guaranteed the quality of the project execution and transfer of high technologies through a frame agreement between the Bulgarian Shipyard and some of the best manufacturers – the companies: “Thales” with its branches in Holland, France and Germany, “Diehl Defens” (Germany), “Leonardo” (Italy), MBDA (France) and “Rheinmetall” (Switzerland and Germany).

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According to the Counter Admiral Petev, it has come the moment for implementation of the project for restoration of the technical capabilities of the three Belgian frigates. They are an irreplaceable part of our naval armaments and we have relied on them for years. That project is at the amount of BGN 90 million. Some years ago, that project was a leading one for the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, but then the Government rearranged the defence goals.

Petev mentioned that the issue on the purchase of a submarine, which is to expand the capabilities of the Bulgarian Naval Forces, comes out on the agenda again.