No comment, just the time sequence of facts

SOFIA (Bulgaria), December 19, By Boyko Nikolov (Bm), Photo:

During the mandate of caretaker government of Ognyan Gerdzhikov, the commission appointed to choose new supplier of military aircrafts for the Bulgarian air forces adopted a decision. Few days later the newly elected parliament and government took up their duties and returned the project in the very beginning.

Boyko Borisov launched the statement

“I have certain doubts that “Gripen” are the best fighter aircrafts”

and the President Radev stated that

“MIG 29 do not conform to the modern requirements”.

Due to some problems the Bulgarian MIG aircrafts were landed in order to be repaired and our Italian partners were invited to guard the Bulgarian sky. At the same time our military pilots refused to fly on the outdated Russian aircrafts and this way we remain without any “adequate” air force protection. The government adopted an urgent decision to grant BGN 20 million for the repairing of the available MIG-29 aircrafts and the Ministry of Defense opened a public procurement procedure with the same subject to the value of BGN 80 million. Simultaneously, the Minister of Defense Karakachanov stated that in addition to the current participants he will invite Boeing with its F-18 Super Hornet for participation in the tender.

The President tested personally Dassault Rafale in France and was fascinated by the flight, he was forced to answer a journalist`s question “Is Bulgaria able to purchase such an aircraft?”.

Minister Karakachanov is a little confused, because he has established that according to the Bulgarian legislation in force, amendments to documentation under public procurement procedures referring to the military industry whose value exceed BGN 100 million shall be approved by the Parliament, which applies also to the participants in the procedure. This automatically returns the procedure to its starting position and in order to re-open it Mr. Karakachanov shall present a new investment project before the Parliament.

And one particular detail – the initial sum of BGN 1.5 billion is decreased with BGN 300 million due to amendments of the law in the last year, currently the law envisages that military projects shall be charged with 20% VAT.

My personal opinion is that this choice of new fighter aircrafts will serve as an indicator of the political effectiveness of the government for the future. What this indicator shows now? I don`t dare to say!