Bulgarian American training was conducted on Novo Selo military field

NOVO SELO (Bulgaria), December 18, By Boyko Nikolov (Bm), Photo: WallDevil.com

On December 18 a joint Bulgarian American military training, part of Joint Traning-5, was conducted on Novo Selo field near the city of Sliven.

American army used 50 units of military equipment, including Abrams tanks and Bradley land vehicles and other auxiliary equipment and jointly with the Bulgarian army units conducted live fire exercises. The USA guests are part of the permanent military contingent in Europe.

Live fire exercises were monitored by the Second-in-Command Ground Forces Brigadier General Valeri Tzolov, Director of “Operations and Preparations” department of Staff of Defense Brigadier General Ivan Ortomarov and Major Robert Hancock from “Military Cooperation” Department of the USA Embassy.