The Bulgarian society has faith in our army, according to latest survey

(SOFIA) (Photo by Wikipedia) – Gallup International has conducted an independent survey among 800-1000 Bulgarians aged over 18 for confidence in the Bulgarian army as an institution. The results are that Bulgarian society believes more in recent years in our army and its capabilities.

One of the reasons is perhaps the election of a former military pilot as a Bulgarian president, as well as the great trust he has as a leader and a political position on various issues important for the country. The participation of the Bulgarian military divisions in the various international missions under the aegis of NATO and the European Union over the past few years is other reason.

This is a positive signal and news for the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army as a whole. A fact that was lacking in recent years because of a reduction in our army size and dozens of financial difficulties.

Also, the confidence in Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov has risen over the last two years, and in 2017 he remains at a level that makes him a currently-liked politician.