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Difficult tasks are aways a challenge, not an excuse



Difficult tasks are aways a challenge, not an excuse

PANAGYURISHTE (Bulgaria), December 12, By Boyko Nikolov (Bm), Photo: Bm

I speak with dipl.eng. Miroslav Vasev several hours before the magazine goes into the print house. His busy everyday life forced us to cancel the interview every day in last twenty days. I personally knew it would be difficult, and therefore prepared an additional material to fill these pages. Interestingly, I just started to prepare it, when he called me and he said, “Ok, I am available now, I have a few minutes to share with you.” Miroslav Vasev is the Head of the Designer Department in Opticoelectron. Each product passes through their work desks, each drawing, nut or item as well. They are the engineers in the company who design, develop and complete the end product.

My challenge in the last twenty days was to get to your office and take that interview. What about your challenge this year? Which project was the biggest challenge for you?

You know we’re working on too many projects. There is no other way, if the market requires it. Now that I think about it, the biggest challenge for the whole team was to develop a fire control system designed for artillery but also for intelligence use. At one point, we had to configure hundreds of elements as well as to provide serious engineering potential to make it fully applicable and effective product. In Opticoelectron a moment can be a week, a month or a year.

Very well, I’m intrigued at first. How did you get to the idea and development of this product? I know you will not tell me the produst`s name, but at least show me the way.

Well, actually they are sources, not ways. The first source is the state of the market at the moment and obviously the need for such a product. The second is our long-term client who thinks the time has come for this product. However, the fact is that this system is currently difficult to develop and manufacture. However, as you know in Opticoelectron, this has always been a challenge, not an excuse.

I know many customers are “tricky,” but how do you deal with such customers? Do you have your own method of working to satisfy their demands and want something to change in other ways in your communication with them?

It is very important to be calm and reasonable in communication. You know our sphere of work is tense and we work with people from all over the world. These are different clients with different characters, requirements and knowledge. Stress is not only in work, but also in communication. That’s why I prefer to just pause in 10 seconds first. So I calm down, concentrate and I can lead the conversation in the right direction. If I hurry with the answer this will not be good either for me or for the client.

You mean that following this way of communication you eliminate a possible nervous situation?

Exactly. There are always nervous situations, so I try to avoid them. When communicating with clients, I want to know their assignment right from the start.

Are there clients who know everything?

Unfortunately, there are always such clients in every sphere. But here, the role of the 10 seconds silence is very important, because during that time you can solve future conflicts. The most important is swallowing your ego and concentrating on the topic. It is then extremely easy for both parties to communicate. If you put your thoughts in your mind in time, you arrange the whole project for a long time.

Opticoelectron is The Innovative Company for 2017. What did the company patent to deserve this award?

We patent all the products we develop in the company. However, the fact is that it takes a long time before everything happens. During last year, we patented three of our developments in the field of Infrared optics, a complex system configuration of optics and electronics, and two-years-old aviator`s night vision goggles. I`m sure that you know them very well – OENAG.

I ask myself how do you know about new technologies? Do you have time, do you have your own channels to do that?

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to watch all the technologies, but military exhibitions are a really effective way to get to know the world’s innovation in this industry. So we at Opticoelectron can keep our watches up-to-date with today’s requirements and standards, and given that we are a strong professional team, we can easily get to the essence of a product, reveal its functionality and structure that automatically provoke us to use our knowledge to improve it. On the other hand, the well-known Internet channel is also doing great work, but as I say – only when there is spare time.

So, you`re agree with the phrase that genius solutions are a simple construction?

Yes, completely. The truth is in this sentence.

I know you’re an athlete. You love volleyball, and you play football almost every week. Does sport in any way affect your work?

You know I played volleyball on a semi-professional level. Sports helps you unload the pressure in your everyday life. It removes stress, makes you feel somehow recharged. If the humans are like computers, sport let us shut down all systems, hard drives, free up memory, and restarts us. If I could play more than once a week, I would do it with great pleasure. There is nothing better for health than physical exercise.

You’ve been working for years on this market. I appreciate the opinion of people like you. In this connection – where is the Bulgarian military industry between the old glory and the new markets?

Well, in the middle. That keeps it alive. But I want to say that the role of the government is very important. If it does not, this industry would very hardly exist at all. The military industry is one of the engines of the Bulgarian economy.

Tell me more specific things. I’ll help you – Optoelectron how does it work?

You personally know that in some of our business areas we are very competitive on international markets, but we are not in others. For example, nanotechnology – here we are lagging behind, not just us as a company, but the country as a whole. This requires purchasing sensors, high-level electronics, motherboards with many elements. Why not to do it in Bulgaria? Why not to develop our own technology production?

If the big international companies and military governments are a shark, the Bulgarian business is reciprocal as a small fish around the shark that feeds on the remnants of shark`s lunch. Am I right? Your company`s CEO told me that many years ago, and it`s been stuck in my mind.

Yes, this comparison is very good. The government must play much more important role in defending Bulgarian interests and production in the military, and not only. A company that has the protection and support of the country will be able to operate more smoothly in the markets, increase its profits and reinvest it in development. Should I continue? All this will guarantee the image of Bulgaria to Western investors, increase the standard of life of the people working in this sphere, and will get back quality specialists in Bulgaria.

I know the next fact, but because of our readers I will ask you – do you have a shortage of qualified staff?

Unfortunately, it is not only us and not only in our sphere. I have talked to colleagues and friends from different areas of the Bulgarian economy – everywhere. This returns me to the previous answer – things will look radically different if the Bulgarian Government and business are allied, and everyone is striving to protect each other interests.

What are your short-term goals in your professional life?

They are only two: to be healthy and fit in order to finish all the projects we are currently working on.

In this busy daily routine, do you find the right way to balance personal and work life? Is there balance at all?

I try to set the following limit – in my personal time I can afford to talk to colleagues, clients or partners, but I avoid taking work for home. The balance is difficult to achieve, although we try not to talk and comment work at home.

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The participation of Optix has provoked interest at Indo Defence – Indonesia



The participation of Optix has provoked interest at Indo Defence - Indonesia
Optix stand on Indo Defence 2018 - Indonesia | Photo credit: Optix

PANAGYURISHTE, Bulgaria ( – For the third consecutive time OPTIX participated in the biggest exhibition in South-eastern Asia – Indоdefence, which was held from the 7th till the 10th of November in Jakarta, Indonesia, learned

The forum gathered more than 800 companies from 55 countries.

The Bulgarian company provoked the interest of the end users and the partners with its latest developments in the field of thermal imaging devices for police and military units – the sniper clip on ZIR 100 and the binocular BidentifieR 100. A variety of options for cooperation and deliveries was discussed with the representatives of the different parts of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia and specifically with the Chief of procurement.

Read more: Nieuwpoort Hosted a Demonstration of SafeShore Developed in Partnership with OPTIX, Bulgaria

Z-IR 100 Clip-On Thermal Device can be used as a hand-held or weapon-mounted system for observation, target detection or passive target acquisition during day and night in variety of environment conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, total darkness. Z-IR 100 is an outstanding thermal imager with a great number of functions and perfect optical performance.

Indodefence - Optix Zir 100

OPTIX ZiR-100 – Thermal Imaging Attachment | Photo credit: Optix

Read more: OPTIX Became the Main Sponsor of the Newest Cabinet at the Bulgarian Defence Institute

BidentifieR is single channel uncooled thermal imaging binocular designed especially for military and law enforcement personnel, for prolonged observation and reconnaissance. BidentifieR allows target detection and recognition in completely passive mode on short and mid-range distances.

 OPTIX BidentifieR - Uncooled Thermal Imaging Binocular

OPTIX BidentifieR – Uncooled Thermal Imaging Binocular | Phote credit: Optix

Read more: Optix Has Sold Part of Its Assets to American Optics

About Optix JSCo:
Established in 1998 as a 100% private company OPTIX specializes in the design and manufacturing of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic assemblies and devices for military and law enforcement applications. Competently applying the modern technologies, OPTIX Co executes the entire production cycle – from design and implementation of prototypes to serial production of components, assemblies and devices.

The production meets all the requirements of European and world standards – DIN, MIL, ISO, BS. The contemporary design, ergonomics and high technical characteristics of the products are comparable to the best world samples and excite a well-founded interest of the leading companies in the optical, medical and defense industries.

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Quality Bulgarian Optics at the International Exhibition Indo Defence in Indonesia



Photo credit: Boyan Garchev

JAKARTA, Indonesia, ( – In the period from 07-11 November, for another year, the international military Indo Defence 2018 Expo & Forum is held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Approximately 850 international companies in the area of military-defence production and security participate in the current exhibition, among which is the Bulgarian optical manufacturer, Opticoelectron Group JSCo, learned

This year, Opticoelectron Group JSCo displays at the exhibition its product ranges in the field of day and night artillery optics, which are the main focus of the company.

At the exhibition, interest provokes the LARTOS high-tech optical coordinate system for identification targets and objects, which also has a secondary function – precisely defining the distance to the target with respect to the LARTOS itself.

“What is interesting about Lartos is its non-volatile database of coordinates of objectives and objects, which means that if the system power is turned off, the system keeps this database so it can’t be lost.” – commented the company’s Business Development Director, Eng. Boyan Garchev. “But besides the artillery optical systems, at Indo Defence we also offer our latest developments in the field of security and safety of large border furrows and oil fields. These are our stationary, semi-stationary and mobile systems for surveillance and observation, under the Muson brand, which is produced and sold by us,” adds Eng. Garchev.

Read more: Opticoelectron produced the new Muson 17

We recall that this year Opticoelectron managed successfully to develop, produce and sell this type of surveillance systems, with the Bulgarian state becoming a customer in the field of stationary and semi-stationary systems and in the area of the mobile systems – Sweden. has learned that at the moment there is a request for the purchase of Opticoelectron’s mobile systems made by an Australian company.

At Indo Defence, the Bulgarian company also exhibits and two of its most popular products in recent years – the short wave infrared series lenses SWIRECON and the world’s smallest night vision goggles Nirecon, weighing only 300gr.

Read more: Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition

“The year is almost over and we have two more international exhibitions until its end. The planning for 2019 has begun and over the next 12 months we will continue to invest in our production so that to remain competitive in the international markets and preserve the high quality of the optical production,” concludes Eng. Garchev.

About Opticoelectron Group JSC
Opticoelectron Group JSCo. is situated in Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. The company specializes in design, development, engineering and trade of optical, optomechanical, optoelectronic, laser and thermal vision devices and systems for defense and security. Their products are divided into the following categories: optical sights for artillery and grenade launchers; observer posts, day sights, collimators and laser target designators; night vision, thermal, SWIR; surveillance and armored vehicles.

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Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition



Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition
Exhibition stand of Opticoelectron on AUSA Exhibition 2018 | Photo credit: Opticoelectron

WASHINGTON, the USA( – For a second consecutive year the Bulgarian optical manufacturer Opticoelectron continues to be the first and only native representative invited to present its products at one of the largest exposition of military technologies and elaborations – AUSA, Washington, the USA, reported

The exposition will be held from 8th to 10th October and it started with unprecedented interest in the products of the Bulgarian company in the field of night and thermal vision optics, as well as the developed product range SWIRECON in the field of SWIR lenses.

Read more: In Bulgaria it is Produced World-class SWIR Technology
Read more: President and Minister Impressed by an Indigenous Product Sold Worldwide

Dipl.Eng. Boyan Garchev on stand of Opticoelectron – AUSA 2018 | Photo Credit: Opticoelectron

“For us, our presence here is of strategic importance and for a consecutive year it meets us with our partners beyond the ocean. We have clearly set goals though which to develop new future business contacts in the USA and the countries from the region. As you know during the last years we have been seriously developing SWIR technologies in Opticoelectron, that is why its presentation and promotion here not only evoked interest, but also opened the door to new business challenges,” commented Eng. Boyan Garchev, Director International Business Relations at Opticoelectron. reminds that Opticoelectron managed years ago to develop and present one of the first working prototypes of a SWIR lens, and in the middle of August this year it also presented the fifth product of its range – SWIRECON 12,5 which has a very open f-number – 1.2. Only for the last two years the Company has invested approximately US$ 4 million in the integration of new production technologies and innovations. In 2017 it has been officially opened and put into operation the most advanced workshop for infrared optics in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.

Big Interest in the SWIR Technology of Opticoelectron at the AUSA Exposition

SWIRECON 12.5 by Opticoelectron | Photo credit: Nikolay Tsonevski

Read more: About € 4 Million Is Invested by Opticoelectron in 2017

Opticoelectron is an official member of AUSA and within the present exposition it participates after an invitation and under the aegis of an association of German companies and their other European partners.

It is expected this year the AUSA Exposition to welcome over 700 exhibitors from over 100 countries with over 30,000 participants, and approximately 300,000 exhibits will be showcases during the three days of the event.

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SAAB Gripen Played its Trump Card for the Deal of New Bulgarian Fighter Jets



SAAB Gripen Played its Trump Card for the Deal of New Bulgarian Fighter Jets
The Gripen cockpit is dominated by three large, full colour, Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and a wide angle diffractive optics Head-Up Display (HUD) with a holographic combiner. | Photo credit: SAAB Gripen

SOFIA, Bulgaria ( – Lockheed Martin’s presentation on 18 September in Sofia, with which the company officially made its offer for a sale of F-16 Block 72 to Bulgaria, undoubtedly turned out to be a strong move by the U.S. company, considering that it was the only from all participants that took this commercial practice. Today, however, the other participant that also has a great chances to be the final winner – SAAB Gripen, has played its trump card in the competition with his American contestant, learned Bulgarian

Read more: F-16 Block 72 Known as Viper Has Been Offered to Bulgaria
Read more: The New Bulgarian Fighter Will Be Selected from among Four Bids

SAAB Gripen offers a partnership to Bulgarian companies, which to become part of the acquisition process of new combat aircraft for Bulgarian aviation. These are Avionams – Plovdiv, Optix – Panagyurishte, Terem Letetz – Sofia and Samel – 90 – Samokov.

In official presentation of SAAB Gripen it is said, we quote „Saab has already identified number of local companies for potential cooperation in the field of security of supply“ contacted for comment the Marketing Director of one of the companies mentioned above – Zhelyazko Gagov from Optix who told for our media: “Yes, we are familiar with the fact that SAAB Gripen has quoted us in their widespread presentation. This can be a pleasure for us because in recent years we have been working on several projects with different company subdivisions, which have nothing to do with the current topic and tender for Bulgarian fighter aircraft. In our relationship with them we are guided by the principles of correct partnership. In this sense, it is logical that we have already had talks with the Swedish company about the current project and our possible participation in the form of industrial co-operation, but we cannot say more details at this point because the whole process is yet to begin.”

We remind that a few days ago, the Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov told the media that the Plovdiv-based company Avionams did not have a license to repair the old Russian Su-25. He is right because in business with military products and dual purpose products not everyone can produce, not everyone can repair and not everyone can resell. Only the manufacturer of a specific product can decide if a company can obtain a license to repair its products. It is also important to be understood that this license may only be valid on the territory of the country in which the company operates.

Read more: Only “558 ARP” Has Submitted Documents for the Bulgarian Su-25 Overhaul

In connection to this, the citation of Avionams and Terem Letetz as well as Samel 90 may be a slight wink that the Swedish company would be ready to issue the necessary future documents for its Bulgarian partners.

Taking into account what Zhelyazko Gagov said, we make a conclusion that the three companies above may have also worked with their Swedish partner, which would be in their favor at this point. At we do not have received an official confirmation by the three companies for this, so until now it remains only our assumption.

According to the official presentation of SAAB Gripen, they are ready to deliver the first four Gripen to Bulgaria within two years, as well as to fully equip two sheds at Graf Ignatievo Air Force Base, which is located near Plovdiv.

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