The Bulgarian and Macedonian SOF will cooperate with joint trainings in 2018

PAZARDJIK (BM) (Photo by Wikipedia) – The 68th Brigade for Special Operations of the Republic of Macedonia visited the 68th Brigade for Special Operations of the Republic of Bulgaria in training center Tsrancha, near Pazardjik, Bulgaria. The two brigadier generals Yavor Mateev (Bulgaria) and Orce Jortev (Macedonia) have been planned the future training and cooperation in 2018.

Brigadier General Mateev acquainted Macedonian guests with the training of Bulgarian Special Operation Forces (SOF). The guest of the event was the Head of the Political Cabinet of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Ilia Nalbantov.

The Bulgarian Special Forces demonstrated their skills of neutralizing terrorists in a building, releasing hostages, destroying an object, and precise shooting.


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