France selects Nexter for light multirole vehicle

France has selected Nexter in a tender for a light multirole reconnaissance vehicle, “Light VBMR”, over contender Renault Trucks Defense (RTD), three executives have announced.

Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the procurement office, informed Nexter last Friday (24 November) with news of the selection, of which is unofficial and allows other competitors to contest the decision, a second executive said.

Both Nexter and RTD declined comment, whilst the DGA said that “the competition is still going on” however declined further comment.

The upper range of the unit offered by Nexter in the tender was placed at €900,000, the second executive added, whilst the lower end was €700,000, a third source said.

The DGA and French Army outlined the requirement for a 10-tonne, four-wheel drive vehicle, with a high-level of protection, as well as on-board electronics which are able to link into a single communications and command network.

However, a fourth executive said that industry officials replied that a more realistic weight was 15 tonnes. Further to this, the price range for the fully equipped and armed Light VBMR was realistically placed at €800,000-900,000.

Nexter offers the Titus for €700,000-900,000, a six-wheel drive armoured vehicle, a fifth executive added.

The Armed Forces Ministry will announce the award, of which will boost Nexter’s share in the Scorpion programme, led by the French Army.

400 units of the Light VBMR are due to be delivered by 2025 in the first phase of Scorpion, the first batch of a planned total of 1,500 over a number of years, the second executive said.

Source:, Photo: Wikipedia