Bulgaria is Joining the EU’s Single Defense System

The Government adopted a decision on Bulgaria’s accession to the joint notification to the Council of the European Union and the High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Policy of the EU, which will initiate a procedure for the establishment of a Permanent Structured Cooperation (PSC) in the field of defense of the Union, reports actualno.

The main objective of the PSC is to increase the EU’s defense capabilities in line with the priorities and level of ambition stemming from the Global Strategy of the Union for Foreign Policy and Security. Within the PSC, opportunities will be created to co-build high-tech and cost-effective defense capabilities, including co-financing from the European Defense Fund.

This will lead to faster military progress for all countries. Their defense industries and development organizations will be actively involved in the process of developing and producing new capabilities that countries will acquire. In this way, the funds invested in projects will remain in the EU defense industry and will help to strengthen it, increase its competitiveness and create the necessary jobs for it. Participation in the PSC, in addition to submitting a notification, implies a readiness from each country to participate in at least one major project on the initiative.


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