French deploys Exercise Aurora 17 air support equipment

A Swedish Armed Forces national exercise conducted in the air, on land and at sea to increase Sweden’s defence capacity against territory threats, Aurora 17 involves 20,000 soldiers from the Swedish, French, US, Danish, Estonian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Finnish armed forces.

Developed by the Eurosam consortium, including Thales and MBDA, the SAMP/T is a theatre anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system.

The SAMP/T system can protect deployed ground forces and sensitive infrastructures against all current and future airborne threats such as cruise missiles, combat aircraft, helicopters, UAVs or even tactical ballistic missiles.

The system is currently in use with both the French and Italian armed forces and is integrated into NATO’s ballistic missile defence framework.

The Thales-built Crotale weapons system is an anti-defence solution designed to combat conventional treats such as aircrafts, helicopters and UAVs.

It can be integrated on several platforms to protect mobile troops as well as both civilian and military static sensitive sites.

The connection between the Crotale system and the CMD3D allows for precise integration into a global defence scheme.

It has been designed to ensure coordination of land forces actions in the 3D dimension such as helicopters, UAVs, shells, missiles and rockets.