Norway Sends Troops to the Border with Russia

Norway has announced plans to send an armored infantry battalion to its arctic border with Russia and buy more tanks and artillery in response to growing threats, according to Reuters.

Scandinavian Defense Minister Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide did not mention Russia as she revealed the government’s military plan. She explained that there is no specific military threat at the moment.

The security situation is becoming more and more unpredictable,

the minister said to journalists.

The plan is to deploy a battalion in Porsanger to the border with Russia. It is also planned to allocate funds for the purchase of tanks, artillery and long range firearms with precision shooting.

We must be able to defend all parts of our country … this is a clear signal that we have a specific responsibility to the north,

the minister said.

So far there is no comment from the Russian embassy in Oslo.

The Norwegian Government is a minority in parliament and needs the support of other parties to pass proposals, although there is a broad consensus on strengthening defense in northern Norway.

In June, Russia announced that Norway’s decision to extend the presence of US troops in the Nordic country would worsen relations and escalate tensions on NATO’s northern flank.


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