Finland Offers to Include Bulgarian Industry in Potential AMV Supply Deal

Finland’s Patria said on Wednesday it is offering to Bulgaria the options of technology transfer and local production in case the Balkan country chooses to acquire armoured modular vehicles (AMVs) from the company.

The company offers a scheme for industrial participation and local production that will leave more than 50% of the investment in Bulgaria, Patria said in a statement.

Bulgaria will be able to export locally manufactured vehicles to third-party markets

, Patria added.

Patria’s concept of local production is in line with the intentions of the Bulgarian government to include the country’s industry in the programmes for modernization of Bulgarian armed forces.

In September 2015, the government approved a programme for the development of the defence capabilities of the armed forces which includes improvement of the mobility of ground forces units, development of naval countermine capability and the capability of the Navy to counter naval and air adversaries as well as development of aircraft self-defence systems.

Patria is majority owned by the Finnish state and is a strategic partner of the Finnish army.

In April 2016, Croatian diversified conglomerate Djuro Djakovic said one of its units has won a 26 million euro (.3 million) contract to manufacture armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) of the AMV 8×8 type for Patria, to be sold on third markets.

The company also said in the statement it has successfully implemented projects for local production in Poland, Slovenia and South Africa.