A New Group of US Military Arrives in Bulgaria

The reworking of the map of Europe after the annexation of the Crimea in early 2014 created tensions along the eastern flank of NATO. Poland, the Baltic States, Romania and Bulgaria have been given a commitment to their security from Washington, and the US presence in Europe has been strengthened, informs bTV.

The Kremlin responded with a series of surprising teachings, the last of which, called the West, ended only 10 days ago. Initially, Operation Atlantic Determination began with the Third Brigade of Fort Carson, Colorado, with more than 3,000 soldiers. Of these, 150 people with 15 armored infantry arrived in February, and in July Bulgaria hosted the largest American exercise with partners in the Black Sea region involving 40,000 people from 22 countries.

USD 4.8 billion have been provided for US security. It is precisely on this program that Washington provides the rotation with overlapping so-called combat team of armored and fully equipped brigade, which is replaced every 9 months. The Fort Carson brigade is replaced by an armored brigade from Kansas.

It includes 3300 people with 945 machines. Of these – 85 tanks, 130 Bradley machines and 17 Paladin machines along with 390 chain machines. On the presidential polygon in southwest Poland, the brigade trained to collect and maneuver before it dropped and headed to five points in Europe.


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