Opticoelectron produced the new Muson 17

The first of the new Musson 17 mobile systems for surveillance and observation developed in Opticoelectron’s garages was manufactured in mid-August and delivered to the customer.

This is a finished product, but we call it a demonstration product, because in the coming months we will have to train large staff abroad to work with it. Thus, when delivering the next systems to the customer, they will have human resources to get started immediately

said Opticoelectron

It all started in 2012 when we had to develop a similar system for the protection of the Bulgarian Green Border. Today’s Muson 17 is fundamentally different from its original source, as we had to comply with customer requirements. The number of mobile systems we will produce for this customer in the coming years is not important. It is important that our efforts in building a strong and high-quality team to lead daily improvement in the development of new technologies on the territory of the Opticoelectron Industrial Park

says dipl.eng. Boyan Garchev, Director of International Markets in the company.

Muson 17 is a mobile surveillance system for large areas such as: border furrows and border areas, oil fields, massive agricultural production. Everything that is over 20+ km. is within the reach of the system.

The system is built on a Nissan SUV and incorporates a multi-sensor system built from a daytime, night vision and thermal imaging cameras, telescopic mast, mobile control, mobile dock, console, power system, hidden cameras and more.


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