OPTIX will be present at IDEF, Turkey

In the period 09-12 May 2017 the Bulgarian company OPTIX – leader in manufacturing of Night Vision Devices, Thermal Imaging Equipment and Solutions for Border Control and Integrated Systems, will be present at the international Exhibition IDEF 2017, Turkey. You can visit the company on the booth number 303G.

During the show you will have the chance to see OPTIX newest developments in the field of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Equipment.

– The new compact Laser Rangefinder LRF 905-500. The tiny laser rangefinder is designed as an add-on to the thermal imaging scopes of OPTIX.

Laser Rangefinder LRF 905-500
Laser Rangefinder LRF 905-500 | © Optix

– The new Thermal Clip-On Z-IR-100 which transforms a day sight into a thermal vision system as the ZIR 100 is mounted straight in line with an existing day optical sight without the need of additional zeroing.

Thermal Clip-On Z-IR-100
Thermal Clip-On Z-IR-100 | © Optix

– The Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50 is designed for observation, detection of enemy personnel, technics and objects and conducting aimed fire with handheld grenade launcher RPG-7V, in the conditions of low environmental illumination – during twilight or during the night.

Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50
Night Vision Attachment for Universal optical sight for grenade launcher NVA-50 | © Optix

Optical sight for grenade launcher PGO-7VU is intended for observation and detection of human targets, equipment and facilities of the enemy and target shooting with RPG-7 series.

Optical sight for grenade launcher PGO-7VU
Optical sight for grenade launcher PGO-7VU | © Optix

– The latest solutions for border and perimeter control and surveillance system.

IDEF exhibition dates: 09-12 May 2017
OPTIX stand: 303G


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