Optix specializes in the design and manufacturing of optical

Established in 1998 as a 100% private company OPTIX specializes in the design and manufacturing of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic assemblies and devices for military and law enforcement applications. Competently applying the modern technologies, OPTIX executes the entire production cycle – from design and implementation of prototypes to serial production of components, assemblies and devices.

OPTIX provides the wide range of own production of uncooled and cooled thermal vision cameras, colour cameras with standard and HD resolution, equipped with the appropriate lens in order to cover the requested distances, panoramic (n x 360°) devices and local TCP/IP intelliART middleware servers.

The cooled thermal camera OPTIX HeatseekIR is based on a 640 x 512 pixels mid-wave (3 ÷ 5 μm) starring Gen-III InSb detector with 15 μm pixel pitch provid­ing excellent high resolution image quality in all climate conditions. With an operating range above 20 km (H version), the thermal imager is extremely suited for border and coastal surveillance and also for long-range threat recognition. The camera is available in three different models depending on the focal length of the objective – HeatseekIR L/M/H.

optix co
Multisensor with thermal camera Goliath | © Optix Co

GOLIATH Series is long range uncooled thermal imaging cameras, suitable for integration into security and observa­tion systems, enabling twenty-four hour surveillance in total darkness and under severe weather conditions. The reliable mechanical design makes GOLIATH suitable for external installation without an addi­tional sealing of the housing. Using various lenses makes possible detection of a human target at a distance of 4764 m and recognition of a human target at a distance of 1588 m.


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