Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017

Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps –France (HQ RRC-FR) will participate in Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017 in Bulgaria and Norway from 1 to 17 March 2017. The exercise represents the final stage of a certification process that the multinational headquarters is engaged in and will allow HQ RRC-FR to assume the NATO Force Structure Joint Task Force Headquarters (NFS JTFHQ) role in 2017.

TRIDENT JAGUAR is the final in a series of 3 exercises: CITADEL RANGER 2016 – Deployment of a reconnaissance team to Norway in September 2016, CITADEL BONUS – conducted in France and Poland in November 2016 and finally TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017. The exercise will demonstrate HQ RRC-FR’s capability in planning and conducting a Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Small Joint Operation (SJO), will confirm the headquarters’ readiness and will certify it as an assigned JTFHQ that stands ready to respond to crisis or emerging threats at NATO’s borders or beyond. TRIDENT JAGUAR will also permit HQ RRC-FR to test the liaison between a logistical support element and the brigade units deployed in Norway, under its command.

Around 1,000 military personnel from 25 different nations will participate in the exercise, in Bulgaria and Norway. French units and Allied forces belonging to the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade, 4th French Airmobile Brigade and the 6th French Light Armoured Brigade will train together with the Headquarters in very difficult conditions, facing many incidents and high intensity scenarios.