Vice Admiral Eftimov: No Increased NATO Presence in Black Sea Region

There is no increased presence of NATO’s forces in the Black Sea, stated interim head of defence Vice Admiral Emil Eftimov.

According to Eftimov, the focus right now is on training and exercises.

“We focused on optimising training and exercises conducted in the Black Sea region. We do not perceive an escalation or reinforcement in that presence,”

stated Eftimov.

The Vice Admiral did not comment on the latest comments in political circles but underlined:

“The actions of the Defence Ministry and the Defence Headquarters are in full accordance with the decisions adopted in Warsaw. Military training gives us the opportunity to judge the readiness of the army. So far, no country has raised the issue of money regarding joint security of our air space.”

Several countries have expressed their willingness with respect to such joint security but Eftimov declined to specify which these countries are.