Dh19 billion in military deals reached in Abu Dhabi

The final day of Idex and Navdex 2017 saw military procurement deals worth more than Dh3.4 billion, bringing the total number of sales to almost a whopping Dh19.2 billion – exceeding Idex 2015’s exhibition by almost Dh1 billion.

Naval Staff Colonel Fahed Nasser Al Thehli, Official Spokesperson of Navdex 2017, announced eight new deals on Thursday afternoon, worth over Dh344 million, which brings the total number of deals to 90 in just five days.

Five of the eight deals were signed with local organisations, while the remaining three were with foreign companies, including Germany, Turkey and Belarus.

The largest deal signed on Thursday was a contract valued Dh110 million, with Beltech Export FZE, a Belarusian company, to provide technical support.

Other large deals included a contract worth almost Dh59 million, with the UAE based company Emirates Centre for Al Imdad, to provide technical and logistical support; over Dh55 million with the Turkish based company, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S, also for technical support; Dh45 million with the UAE based company, Tasneef, to technically support for all classification procedures; Dh30 million with the UAE based company, International Golden Group (IGG), to supply metal sheets for airport runways.

Staff Brigadier-General Rashid Mohammed Al Shamsi, Official Spokesperson of Idex 2017, said the UAE Armed Forces also signed a three contract agreement with NIMR Automotive for 1,750 armoured vehicles.

Sales throughout the week did not drop below Dh3 billion – however, the largest sales were made on day two of Idex, which reached nearly Dh7 billion, mainly due to the mega deal signed by the UAE and Russia for Dh2.6 billion.

Monday’s contract with the Russian company, Rosoboronesport, included 5,000 anti-armor missiles, training and support.

Captain Humaid Sultan Bin Dalmouk, head of technical support – explosives security department, Dubai Police, told Khaleej Times he is not surprised by this year’s success in deals.

“I think Idex and Navdex 2017 has been evidently successful for all those that participated.”

“Even from our side, as Dubai Police, we were in contact with dozens of entities regarding deals relating to security solutions. We had around 20 meetings with other companies.”

He pointed out that Dubai Police are continuously searching for new and innovative ways to enhance the safety and the security of the emirate.

“It is not only security solutions that we had our eyes on during this year’s exhibition, but also the latest technologies and innovations relating to security.”

“During the deals meetings, we focus strategically on making our ideas come to life.”

He noted that although this year was the first IDEX exhibition he participated in, he will without a doubt join the upcoming exhibition in 2019.

“This exhibition has been incredible, it gave a solid chance for companies from around the world to connect with each other under one roof.”

Major General Staff Ishaw Saleh Al Balushi, Deputy Chairman of the Higher Organising Committee of IDEX 2017, said he is proud of this year’s successful exhibition, which saw over 105,000 participants, including crowds of royals, government officials, as well as local and international entities from 57 countries.

“IDEX is growing as an exhibition, we put a forward plan and this year we had more exhibitors and delegations than in the past.”

“We have been committed to more contracts this year,” he added.

Major General Staff Al Balushi noted that the exhibition space was quickly sold out, highlighting that 10 more countries participated in this year’s five-day event.

“Today we see all the positive indicators that reaffirm our objectives have been achieved,” he told Khaleej Times.