Stefan Yanev, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence: It Is the People in Defence that Matter Most

Our primary task will be to work towards improving the social status of the military and civilian personnel employed in defence, so that we have predictable prospects of career advancement, social development, and progress in general, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence in the Caretaker Government Stefan Yanev upon taking over the post from his predecessor Nikolay Nenchev at a handover ceremony held earlier today, 27 January 2017, at the Ceremonial Hall of the Ministry of Defence. “It is the people in Defence that matter most to me. However modern the weapons and equipment we have or endeavor to acquire, it will all come to nothing without the people,” he added. With regard to the previous leadership, he commented that he believed “all that was done was done in the public interest, in the interest of the people of Bulgaria, and in the interest of the Armed Forces,” and said that special attention will be given to operational training.

“In our actions we will be guided by our good intentions and our management decisions will be made in good faith and will be transparent and fair,” Minister Yanev pointed out.

The outgoing Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev introduced his successor Stefan Yanev to the senior official of the Ministry of Defence and the Bulgarian Army as “a man notable for his high professionalism and devotion to the national and patriotic cause,” and wished him success. “I would like to thank each and every one of you, it has been a true honour and a pleasure to work amongst you,” said Nenchev before respecting the tradition of presenting the newly-appointed Minister with an icon depicting St. George.