Israel shot down a Syrian Su-22 fighter with an anti-aircraft missile system

On September 21, a Syrian fighter jet was shot down on Syrian territory. Initial comments were that an Israeli F-16 fighter had managed to take down an obsolete Syrian machine.

Turkish artillery fired on a Syrian army position, the Russian response is expected

Our sources in Syria, as well as a number of Russian media, claim that yesterday, on September 21, the Turkish artillery units fired on the main defense point of the Syrian army in the city of…

Defense Ministry in Tripoli refused to obey the Libyan Government

The readiness to accept any decision of the Libyan government, except for the one in which Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar participates, was expressed by the plenipotentiary Minister of Defense in GNA on…


How the US is developing hypersonic weapons against Russia?

In recent days, both American politicians and the military have repeatedly announced new US successes in the…

Who sold Alaska? Russian paratroopers and marines are ready to correct the mistake

On September 21, 2020, the Russian-American geopolitical confrontation in the Arctic entered a new, very dangerous…

China believes it can invade Taiwan in 24 hours, but that is not the case at all

Tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated sharply in recent months. The threats followed one after another,…

Dozens of US nuclear missiles were ready to hit Pyongyang three years ago

In recent years, dozens of politicians or journalists decide to tell in books or memoirs about their work during a…

Solution Pakistan seeks against India could be their nuclear program

In its detailed article, the American publication National Interests came out with a very detailed and compelling…

‘Target on the back’: why US troops flee from occupied countries?

Hundreds of thousands of victims, ruined cities and poorly concealed hatred of civilians - the Pentagon is…

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